The Window Seat

Not sure how many of you like flying or not but I actually enjoy it. This past Thursday I was on my way to Oregon for a summer internship…which I will most likely talk about in the future…as I was preparing to leave we made a slight adjustment to my traveling schedule for the day. When I got my ticket I saw the seat number and then the letter A which usually means you get a window seat. Plus this is a really small plane so I figured I would get one.

Before I got onto my plane a group of people were sitting around me and we were discussing why we were going to Medford, Oregon. The group was very nice but all I kept thinking to myself was how excited I was to get a window seat because on my last flight I had to sit on the end and it was not as fun.

We were finally able to board our plane and this was the moment I was waiting for all day, even if it was only for a 40 minute flight. I got closer to my seat and I recognized one of the ladies that was in the group of people from earlier and I remembered her because she had the cutest little dog with her. Double win for me!!

We take off and I cannot believe the views of Oregon…if you get a chance you need to go to Oregon! Anyway, I could not help but ask the lady next to me why she was headed to Medford and her response was that her dad was declining in health and so was her son (who was with her on the flight) and they wanted to visit family while they had the chance. Now she is from North Carolina, so they have been traveling ALL DAY!

As time went on I decided to prepare my heart for the internship and started reading one of the SHE READS TRUTH devotionals and then some of my favorite verses to follow. Just by doing that she asked me what I was reading. At the time I was reading my favorite verse Exodus 14:14 ” The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” I could see the tears starting to form in her eyes and I knew right then that the window seat I was given was for a purpose. I was able to share encouraging words with her and she seemed to have a positive response to it.

I may not remember her name, her whole story, or even where she is at with the Lord, but I believe that God placed her in my life and God placed me in her life for a purpose. I hope that the small conversation that we had sparked something inside of her and that she had hope restored in her soul as she goes through this time of her life. I may never see her again but I can pray for her and her family and that the little moments in life like this one spark something greater.


2 thoughts on “The Window Seat

  1. Mary Beth Leatherman says:

    Yep, those everyday contacts are also aligned by the Great Designer. They give us those great moments, though seemingly simple, to share in His work day-by-day.


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