Sometimes you just don’t know what to write. Sometimes you have so much on your mind that you cannot write anything. This is one of those weeks. I am constantly searching for those little things in life but nothing has really stuck out to me that I have not already shared. So I thought maybe I should just not write a blog for this week. But then I thought something that really captured my attention.

No it is not a moment in time or anything like that but more of a realization. I was searching. Yes, that is right I was searching for that little thing that I was going to write about. I even went on a walk to see if something would come to mind. But nothing came at all. You see I was searching but for a purpose that was not God’s purpose. Now that might sound strange but just hear me out.

I created this blog to not search for the moments but for God to place moments in my life that could inspire others. This week I was more focused on searching for that moment rather than waiting for the moment. That was honestly huge for me. While we are supposed to seek God we need to remember that he is seeking us as well. He is using us during strategic moments that sometimes we cannot even comprehend.

When those moments come up we are to grab hold of them and nurture them just like taking care of a seed so it can grow into a tree.

This was a huge realization for me this week as I understood that God will place moments in each of our lives that are significant. They are purposeful. They might be little sometimes but they can eventually make a huge difference.

Sometimes that moment of searching can put you back at the starting line, but turns out it was your moment after all.


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