Trying to understand

Doing an internship with a different culture can be interesting. Especially when you do not speak/understand the language very well. You try and try again but it sometimes does not make sense and the people of that culture are also doing their best to communicate with you. But there is one thing that we can both understand. Worship!

Worship is a time where we focus on our relationship with God and praise him and most of the time it invovles music. Being an intern with a Latino ministry you would think that I would have a hard time during worship because the music is in Spanish. You would be right but whenever we have our worship time there is a sense of peace that fills the room.

This week I was able to be part of the worship practice by running the videos. As I sat there listening I could not help but praise God for all that he has done for me since being here. Instead of trying to understand the words (trying to practice my spanish as much as possible) I just sat there in God’s presence. Sometimes we do not understand everything that has been placed in our lives but what we can understand is that if we do not understand now we will understand in the future. God will make it clear to us. That moment of worship practice turned out to be a whole new worship time for me.

As I now have 1 month left here it was a much needed reflection time. I hope that this week you can find those moments where you can sit in God’s presence.



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