” I remember you”

We all want to be remembered in some way shape or form. However, being remembered for what you do is the most important part. What impact will you make? What have people learned from you? Over these past two months I did not think that the kids that we were teaching would remember me. Most likely they would see me once and not even know my name after I told the story.

I kept asking myself if I was making an impact in the lives of the kids we were reaching out to. To my surprise I was given an answer the other night. As we were cleaning up from the evening activities a kid came over to me and said, “I remember you”. I thought maybe it was from the night before but he said a different park name and I was shocked.

The best part of it all was that he remembered the story that we shared. I recalled the first week that we were out in the parks and he was one of the very first kids that we had. I remember him being very shy but also had a good swing when we played baseball. I could not believe that the same kid was standing in front of me repeating the story that we had first shared with him.

What an amazing experience that was and such a confidence booster as I finish my last week at the parks. We may not know what kind of impact that we leave on others, but the important part is that we have a positive impact and make a difference in their life. For some of the kids that we are around, they do not have positive people in their lives so that they can make good decisions.

What if we all decided to watch more carefully what we say, what we do, how we act, towards others? Maybe our world would become a little more positive instead of negative? Maybe it would spread a chain reaction from you to the next person to the next person? It may not do anything huge but it can make a small impact and that small impact can be just as powerful as a big one.

What impact do you want to make to those around you?

Think about that this week as you are around people, kids, neighbors, friends, whoever. How can you make a positive impact on that person’s life?


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