At the beginning of the year I completed a devotional about one word that can change your life forever. They said to pick a word that you wanted to strength over the course of the year. I picked the word trust because I not only wanted to learn to trust others and myself more but I wanted to learn how to trust God more. I had big decisions to make and was not sure if any of the options I had about this summer were the right ones for me.

As soon as I started that devotional I made the decision to trust in God and go to Medford Oregon for the summer. I can remember the months leading up to it and even on the flight there that I was not sure if this was what I was supposed to be doing. I honestly forgot about the devotional and my word because I was so worried about what I was doing.

When I got my assignment to share Bible stories to kids during the summer I focused on the theme of trust and that no matter what situation we are in we can trust in God. At this point I completely forgot about my word that I was going to focus on this year.

I recently finished my time in Medford and guess what I learned?

Trust…yep I learned about trusting in God.

As my supervisor was praying for me on Monday as I was getting ready to leave he asked me what I needed prayer for and of course like any college student I said the future and that I would trust in God’s plan for me. As soon as he started praying I had a flashback of when I first started that devotional all the way to that moment we were praying. I saw that because I trusted in God I was able to share stories from the Bible to kids and adults in Medford and I was able to grow spiritually.

God works in mysterious ways and I learned that there was a reason that I read that devotional, there was a reason why I said yes to Medford, there was a reason why I focused on the theme of trust, there was a reason for my supervisor to pray over me. I needed to focus on trust again because I was falling short of completely trusting God with the plans He has for me.

As I head into my final year of college I can see the outcomes that He has provided for me all because I trusted in Him. I still need to trust in Him as I get ready to apply for jobs and think about my future after college.

Whether you are heading into college, graduating college, entering a new season of life just remember that God will provide the direction to go all you have to do is say yes and trust in Him…He will take care of the rest.


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