Overwhelming Peace

I worry…a lot!

It is something that I have never fully surrendered to God and I let it control my life.

To me there is always something to be worried about…


                  Future Career


                  And the list goes on and on…

One thing that is on my mind right now is my missions trip to Honduras. I

have been worried about…

                   If the funds will come in,

                   If the project that we are working on will be successful,

                   If I will fit in with my team members,

                   And the list also goes on and on…

But then Tuesday happened…

We had our first team meeting and while beforehand I was worried about the list above…but then I walked through the doors and started having conversations with team members and playing team building games I was not worried about anything…nothing.

I think that is a first for me…

The only way I can truly describe it is in two words


I have never felt so much peace and pure happiness before. I was able to enjoy the time with my team members and not worry about anything.

From that moment I knew that I was supposed to go on this trip…and I am not just saying that to say it…I truly believe that I am going for a purpose and that purpose if far greater than I could ever imagine. While I may not know that purpose just yet I have an overwhelming peace that God will show me at the right time.

Moment by moment I am surrendering over my worries to God and He is giving me an overwhelming peace.


Want to be involved in my trip…

  1. Pray-biggest need!!!
  2. Give- https://www.footstepsmissions.org/donate?p=trip-or-participant

Follow the link above and fill out the information, including my name.

THANK YOU for your continuous support, prayers, and encouragement-Kyndall



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