The Last Semester

How is it possible that I will be graduating in a few months? Honestly, I cannot believe it. It seems like yesterday I was moving into Olivet for the first time. Yet, here I am reflecting on the last first day of my last semester of school.

People often say when one door closes another door opens. But what if you don’t know what door is the right door? It is like a game show when you have three doors to choose from and only one has the car and the other two are not as exciting prizes. You don’t want to pick the wrong door.

While I am about to close one door, one is about to become open and I may not know what is on the other side. All I can really do is thank God for the opportunity that He has placed before me.

So that is what I am doing…I am thanking God for the door that He is about to open. Rather than just asking and praying to place a door in front of me, I am thanking Him for what is to come because I know that it will be good.

With all of that being said…instead of being sad about the closed door and worrying about what door I am about to walk through, I am taking this semester to reflect on the amazing opportunities God has given me during my time at Olivet and thanking Him for the opportunities that will come.


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