I have two very exciting things to share with you. 

The first is that my team and I leave for Honduras in exactly ONE WEEK!!! 

The second is that I AM OFFICIALLY FULLY FUNDED for my trip!!! 

It is because of YOU that I am now able to go to Honduras and make an impact on the kids and youth at the Garden of Love and Hope. THANK YOU!!!

When I was accepted for this trip, I honestly did not know how I was going to provide finically. However, God showed me that I am not alone. He took control of the entire process and provided in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined. 

But the story is not over yet…

God is going to do something big in my life, my teammates lives, and the lives of the kids that we will be with during our time at the Garden of Love and Hope.

There is one thing that I do want to ask each and every one of you…During the week of March 4th-12th (and the week leading up to the trip), will you continue to pray for me, my team, the kids that we will be teaching, the country of Honduras, the logistics of the trip, and that God would open our hearts and eyes to his glorious masterpiece? 

I cannot wait to update you on what God has done during this trip when we get back. 

Until then…keep on praying!! 



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