A journal a day

Hi friends! My team and I have made it back safely from our amazing time in Honduras. There were so many exciting parts to this trip that instead of writing a really long blog post about it I am going to be publishing a journal entry each day from my trip. So…here is Day 1!!

March 4, 2017

God is so good. Before we left for this trip we prayed that God would provide in bold ways for the travel logistics of our trip. Every single complication we had was taken care of by Him. On our way to Honduras, our team started talking about what we were looking forward to about this trip. For me, it would have to be to see the mountains since that is where I see God the most and the second is to witness to people through different interactions as well as through the business classes we are teaching.

What did God teach me today?

Verses read today: Ephesians Chapter 1

There were so many unknowns at the beginning of the day but everything worked out in ways that we couldn’t imagine. Whatever I am facing in life I know that God is good and is able to provide in more ways that I could ever ask.



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