A journal a day: Day 5

March 8, 2017

Ephesians 4:1-16

    Make every effort. Put in more effort than anyone would imagine.

What happened today?

  • During breakfast we each received a letter from one of our teammates. Danielle wrote me the most encouraging note and it was just what I needed to hear. 
  • After some more painting at the job training center we headed into our next lessons. Today’s lessons were on inventory and finance. These have to be the most complicated lessons, but at the end of it they seemed to grasp the ideas and concepts we taught. 
  • My favorite part of the day was making cookies with the girls. After being in a room learning about really hard topics, it was good to see them moving around and wanting to learn how to bake these cookies. For some it was the first smile I had seen all week. It was a really encouraging moment for me because I was able to connect with them even though we did not understand each other.
  • A break through moment for me was telling part of my testimony during debriefing. Not many people know about the experience I had on this trip two years ago and how I pushed God away on that trip. Telling this story is something that I typically would do. However, I knew that I needed to share my story so that if others were going through the same thing that they would be encouraged to run toward God rather than push Him away. 
  • I have already seen God at work this week through the kids, through teaching, through the simple project of painting. Everything that we have done He has had His hand on it. I have already seen a transformation in my life and I know that it will continue to grow throughout the rest of the week.




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