A journal a day: Day 5

March 8, 2017

Ephesians 4:1-16

    Make every effort. Put in more effort than anyone would imagine.

What happened today?

  • During breakfast we each received a letter from one of our teammates. Danielle wrote me the most encouraging note and it was just what I needed to hear. 
  • After some more painting at the job training center we headed into our next lessons. Today’s lessons were on inventory and finance. These have to be the most complicated lessons, but at the end of it they seemed to grasp the ideas and concepts we taught. 
  • My favorite part of the day was making cookies with the girls. After being in a room learning about really hard topics, it was good to see them moving around and wanting to learn how to bake these cookies. For some it was the first smile I had seen all week. It was a really encouraging moment for me because I was able to connect with them even though we did not understand each other.
  • A break through moment for me was telling part of my testimony during debriefing. Not many people know about the experience I had on this trip two years ago and how I pushed God away on that trip. Telling this story is something that I typically would do. However, I knew that I needed to share my story so that if others were going through the same thing that they would be encouraged to run toward God rather than push Him away. 
  • I have already seen God at work this week through the kids, through teaching, through the simple project of painting. Everything that we have done He has had His hand on it. I have already seen a transformation in my life and I know that it will continue to grow throughout the rest of the week.




A Journal a day: Day 4

March 7, 2017

Ephesians 3: 1-21

    May have power TOGETHER

    To be rooted and established in LOVE

What happened today?

  • Started the morning off by washing dishes and while we were washing dishes this huge bug (almost like a giant moth) came up the drain. So gross!! 
  • My favorite part of the day was being able to go to the job training site and see the progress that was made. Two years ago it was a field and a pile of dreams. It was amazing to see the progress that had been made but also the dreams that will be fulfilled. But also to see how God has provided the funds for this project. I loved being able to paint on the walls of the building that will be home to small businesses, but it was also amazing to have moments of prayer as I painted. Praying for the youth, the success of the businesses, the customers that will walk through the doors, and for the town of Santa Barbara. job training
  • After our painting party, we came back for lunch and went straight into our lesson for the day. Every day I am more impressed with the dreams and goals that the youth have. 
  • At the end of each day our team has a debriefing time. Each night we talk about moments that we see God and what God has been doing in our lives during this trip. Tonight was a little different though. We broke out into individual prayer and the whole room was filled with our prayers. It was an experience I will never forget. 
  • I see why God has brought me back to this place. To truly see just how we can break the cycle in the most unlikely of places. I wish I could go back 2 years and do it over again. But if I did that then I would most likely not be here right now. I am so amazed at how God works in our lives. 

A journal a day: Day 3

March 6, 2017

Ephesians 2:11-22

  1. 18: For THROUGH Him we both have access to the Father by one spirit.
  2. 21: IN Him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.

What happened today?

Our Enactus team went to the store today to find ingredients to make cookies to sell on Friday. It was so much fun and very different from home. After we got back from the store, some of the kids came and we got ready for lunch time. I find it interesting that we can communicate with the kids yet have no language in common. 

My favorite part of the day was teaching the youth about goals and dreams. Some wanted to be professional athletes, some wanted to be doctors, and some wanted to be psychologists. I hope that this week gives them the confidence to reach these dreams and achieve them. 

The last part of the day was walking some of the kids home. While I have made this trip home with them before, but it hit me again just how much we need to show them love. There was one girl that become a mom at a young age and seeing her carry her child home made my heart break for her. 

How did I see God?

Through the interaction with the bus driver: he spoke very little English and I speak very little Spanish, yet we had a meaningful conversation about the love of God. 

Hearing about the goals and dreams of the youth. 

Looking at the mountains and seeing His creation and how faithful God is and will always be. 


A Journal a day: Day 2

March 5, 2017

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 2:1-10

  • There is going to be some hardships along the way. Vulnerability is one thing that can bring us out of those hardships, but is also something that can be hard to do.

What events happened today?

  • A group of us went on a walk and discovered the heart of San Pedro Sula before we headed to Santa Barbara. Along the way we decided to get gelato…always get a doble. 
  • Once the other group got back from grocery shopping we headed on our way to Santa Barbara (around 2 ½ hours). It has been 2 years since I was last here. However, this time is different. It is almost like it is my first time because I am a new person spiritually. Last time I was here I distanced myself and pushed God in a corner. I like being here for the “first time” because I now have a new perspective. I have taken off the Rose colored glasses and put on God’s glasses.
  • As we prayed in the center of town I could not help but praise God for sending me back to this place. After an amazing service at a local church, I can firmly say that God has something huge planned for this week.

How did I see God?

  • During the worship. Just being able to stand and clap with others was simply amazing. It puts into focus that we are not the only ones who worship God, but it is a global impact. I feel a calmness about the week. A new sense of hope and restoration is in me because I am a new person from 2 years ago and I thank God every day for that.

A journal a day

Hi friends! My team and I have made it back safely from our amazing time in Honduras. There were so many exciting parts to this trip that instead of writing a really long blog post about it I am going to be publishing a journal entry each day from my trip. So…here is Day 1!!

March 4, 2017

God is so good. Before we left for this trip we prayed that God would provide in bold ways for the travel logistics of our trip. Every single complication we had was taken care of by Him. On our way to Honduras, our team started talking about what we were looking forward to about this trip. For me, it would have to be to see the mountains since that is where I see God the most and the second is to witness to people through different interactions as well as through the business classes we are teaching.

What did God teach me today?

Verses read today: Ephesians Chapter 1

There were so many unknowns at the beginning of the day but everything worked out in ways that we couldn’t imagine. Whatever I am facing in life I know that God is good and is able to provide in more ways that I could ever ask.


Going on an adventure



I cannot believe that today is the day we are leaving for Honduras.

During this adventure will you join me in praying for the following…

Travel and other logistics


Our Leaders

The team

Spiritual Growth

The kids and youth we will be with

The country of Honduras


Thank You for all of the prayers!! I cannot wait to share this adventure with you when we get back.

See you soon…




I have two very exciting things to share with you. 

The first is that my team and I leave for Honduras in exactly ONE WEEK!!! 

The second is that I AM OFFICIALLY FULLY FUNDED for my trip!!! 

It is because of YOU that I am now able to go to Honduras and make an impact on the kids and youth at the Garden of Love and Hope. THANK YOU!!!

When I was accepted for this trip, I honestly did not know how I was going to provide finically. However, God showed me that I am not alone. He took control of the entire process and provided in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined. 

But the story is not over yet…

God is going to do something big in my life, my teammates lives, and the lives of the kids that we will be with during our time at the Garden of Love and Hope.

There is one thing that I do want to ask each and every one of you…During the week of March 4th-12th (and the week leading up to the trip), will you continue to pray for me, my team, the kids that we will be teaching, the country of Honduras, the logistics of the trip, and that God would open our hearts and eyes to his glorious masterpiece? 

I cannot wait to update you on what God has done during this trip when we get back. 

Until then…keep on praying!! 


The Last Semester

How is it possible that I will be graduating in a few months? Honestly, I cannot believe it. It seems like yesterday I was moving into Olivet for the first time. Yet, here I am reflecting on the last first day of my last semester of school.

People often say when one door closes another door opens. But what if you don’t know what door is the right door? It is like a game show when you have three doors to choose from and only one has the car and the other two are not as exciting prizes. You don’t want to pick the wrong door.

While I am about to close one door, one is about to become open and I may not know what is on the other side. All I can really do is thank God for the opportunity that He has placed before me.

So that is what I am doing…I am thanking God for the door that He is about to open. Rather than just asking and praying to place a door in front of me, I am thanking Him for what is to come because I know that it will be good.

With all of that being said…instead of being sad about the closed door and worrying about what door I am about to walk through, I am taking this semester to reflect on the amazing opportunities God has given me during my time at Olivet and thanking Him for the opportunities that will come.

Overwhelming Peace

I worry…a lot!

It is something that I have never fully surrendered to God and I let it control my life.

To me there is always something to be worried about…


                  Future Career


                  And the list goes on and on…

One thing that is on my mind right now is my missions trip to Honduras. I

have been worried about…

                   If the funds will come in,

                   If the project that we are working on will be successful,

                   If I will fit in with my team members,

                   And the list also goes on and on…

But then Tuesday happened…

We had our first team meeting and while beforehand I was worried about the list above…but then I walked through the doors and started having conversations with team members and playing team building games I was not worried about anything…nothing.

I think that is a first for me…

The only way I can truly describe it is in two words


I have never felt so much peace and pure happiness before. I was able to enjoy the time with my team members and not worry about anything.

From that moment I knew that I was supposed to go on this trip…and I am not just saying that to say it…I truly believe that I am going for a purpose and that purpose if far greater than I could ever imagine. While I may not know that purpose just yet I have an overwhelming peace that God will show me at the right time.

Moment by moment I am surrendering over my worries to God and He is giving me an overwhelming peace.


Want to be involved in my trip…

  1. Pray-biggest need!!!
  2. Give- https://www.footstepsmissions.org/donate?p=trip-or-participant

Follow the link above and fill out the information, including my name.

THANK YOU for your continuous support, prayers, and encouragement-Kyndall


Honduras Here I Come!!

Do you ever have that one word that pops out to you and you can’t stop thinking about it? These past few weeks the word TOGETHER has appeared to me in conversations, books, sermons, and informational meetings. When I heard that word for the first time a few weeks ago I did not think anything about it. Then it started showing up all around me and I thought to myself “Why is the word TOGETHER being placed before me almost every single day over the past few weeks?”

The more and more I heard that word the more and more I got scared because I knew God was going to be doing something in my life and I needed to pay attention to that word. Then it all hit me all at once as I was sitting around a conference table hearing about a project idea for Enactus. I learned that the Honduras Spring Break Mission Trip wanted Enactus students to create job-training curriculum that would be taught to the youth at an economic orphanage, The Garden of Love and Hope. At first I thought wow that is amazing, I have been there before and to help them out would be a great opportunity. Then I heard the word “GO” right after that and I knew what was coming next.


After weeks of prayer and many conversations I am so excited to announce that I will be going back to The Garden of Love and Hope in Honduras over my Spring Break.

There are so many fears that I had going into this process but one thing stands out from all of it, the word TOGETHER. My team and I will being going TOGETHER to impact the lives of the children and youth at the Garden of Love and Hope, TOGETHER with God as our guidance and strength, and finally TOGETHER WITH YOU we can spread the impact.

Of course this trip is going to come with a cost. The whole trip costs $1695. God has opened doors for everyone on my team as well as myself. He has called each and every one of us on this trip and He will provide the necessary means for this trip to happen.

I am asking first to commit to praying for this trip, the kids and youth, the country of Honduras, traveling, the team and myself. Secondly, would you consider donating to this trip? TOGETHER with your prayers and donation you are making a huge impact in the lives of the kids and youth at the Garden of Love and Hope.

For information on donating please click here and follow the steps.


If you have questions please email me at kjsingletary@olivet.edu